Your property, your lifestyle, and your wishes.


We start here.



This is always exciting, and the ideas begin to flow. From conversations with you and examination of your site we develop a Scope Of Services. The Scope sets out the goals of the project and articulates priorities, limitations, and any special considerations.


Next comes a Master Site Plan. We do a thorough assessment of your property: soil analysis, quality of available sunlight, health and condition of trees and shrubs, site characteristics and features, and draw up a scaled base plan. The master plan is the foundation of the design process for this project and any future phases.


Informed by the plan, we present you with preliminary design ideas. At this meeting you will see possibilities and can begin to choose elements from one, ideas from another, and begin to visualize a space that pleases you.


Now the design takes on detail: materials are selected for any hardscapes, and planting plans are drawn up. A planting plan marries artistic vision to environmental conditions, giving you colors and textures that change with the seasons and grow happily and healthily in their chosen spot. Other components to consider at this stage are lighting, irrigation systems, decorative planters, furniture or other garden ornaments.


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