Fruit Trees

Matthew Cianci, Cultivar’s lead horticulturist, has a passion for growing fruit trees. The orchard that Matthew planted with his grandfather produces an amazing variety of apples: old types, new ones, grafts from trees spotted in abandoned orchards—you name it. Growing apples and other fruits organically is tricky: you must track “degree days” to know when temperatures are right for pests to appear and apply deterrents at just the right moment. Matthew has tried and true methods for organic pest control, including his own blended spray of oils and soap to ward off attacking insects.

In late winter you might spot Matthew pruning 30 plus fruit trees on busy Wellesley Street in Weston for Barbara Zenker, a Cultivar client. More than 20 years ago Barbara began planting apple, pear and peach trees in what was a typical suburban front lawn. When Barbara’s trees are blooming in early May the drive to the house becomes a romantic pastoral scene. It’s beautiful, unusual, bountiful and—believe it or not— plays up the essence of a lawn, with grass carpeting the little orchard.

We encourage our clients to plant fruit trees, confident that Matthew’s expertise and organic care make this a fun and healthy adventure for the whole family.